Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The first picture is the new living room window, second picture is the new bedroom window, third picture is the new den window and the forth picture is my naked house being dressed with new brick.  A lot of work has been done since my last post, however, it is still not happening as fast as I would like.

                                         The skeleton for the new Barn.

                                         Almost finished!
The barn is now complete, but I have not yet made pictures of the finished product.  I must say that the workers made fast work on the barn.  They started it on a Thursday and all was done on Monday with the exception of the overhead door and the roof vents.
The sheet rock has been replaced on the ceiling in the kitchen and den, painting has been done (about 3 times because they did such a poor job), the brick work is going very well, they have not yet done the inside repairs in the garage, so as yet we can not have the garage door installed.  The paneling on the beam in the kitchen still needs to be replaced and I am not sure if the carpet has been ordered.  Everything in the house has dust and tornado do-do everywhere. The kitchen has to be cleaned inside and out of every cabinet and all the dishes, silverware, utensils, etc.  Once we get all the stuff out of the bedroom that belongs in the den, DH and I will work on our bedroom - new paint, carpet and such.  That part will be on us, I think, as it was not damaged in the storm, but just messy from all the dust, insulation and things from the storm and repairs to the other part of the house.
I know that someday we will be back in our house, I just do not know when that day will be.  I am going on a quilting retreat next week and can hardly wait.  It is always so much fun with really good ladies that I am proud to call my friends.

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  1. It is all sounding like it's going to get there. I am so happy you will be with us at the Camp. You deserve a break. Love ya.