Thursday, August 18, 2011

Renegade Retreat 8-11

Yes, our Guru does make mistakes.

                                     This is what the block should look like.

            Completed tops ready for the quilting.  These are for the Canyon Camp, our retreat facility.

Nine ladies arrived at the Canyon on Thursday and we began constructing two twin and one queen size quilt tops as a donation to the camp.  Everyone participated in the sewing of blocks, sashings and borders.  I had a very good time, as always, with good friends and much good food.  We had some differing of opinions and some mis-ques on time, but all is well.  I always look forward to the Renegade retreats, but it is always good to go home - to rest.  It is amazing to me just how tired I can get just sitting and sewing.  I am already counting the days til the next retreat.

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  1. Quilt tops looking good. I got lucky Karen and Pat made me tree blocks for my outgoing Pres quilt. does your heart good to see your not the only one who mess up things. Oceans of Love Joyce