Friday, September 16, 2011

The Mice

Well, we were finally able to move back into our home on 9/11.  It was very nice to get back home, but a little sad that I do not get to see my daughter every day.  Everything that was crammed into our bedroom and living room except for the furniture had to be packed and and stored in the garage so the carpet could be put in.  Once they completed the den we began moving all the furniture from the bedroom into the den so we could paint the bedroom before they put in the carpet.  Once all the carpet was down, we could begin moving furniture to its proper place and begin unpacking all the stuff.  Have I ever mentioned how much stuff we have.  We have my stuff, his stuff, our stuff, grandparents stuff, aunts stuff, parents stuff and some stuff left over from the kids.  Of course all the stuff had to be cleaned before it could be put away.  Which brings me to the mice.  When we got home on the 11th, I began to unpack my clothes and put them in the dresser.  There I found the tell-tell signs of mice (little tiny turds).  I do not like mice.  They can put me on a table faster than a New York minute.  Anyway, I had to take all the clothes and wash them.  On one of my shirts there were two spots that looked like mice had given birth.  Mind you, when I first moved here, I actually found baby mice in my drawer and that sent me screaming out the front door.  I have not seen any further signs of them, but DD and I spent a half a day cleaning out the pantry because they had helped themselves to anything that was packaged.  It is good to be home and sleep in my own bed.  I can not thank DD enough for her generosity and hospitality while we stayed in her home.  She has earned a few stars for her crown.

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