Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I took Lucy to the vet this morning to check her eye, she had a puncture wound in her left eye from last week that we were doing a follow-up on today.  All is healed and there is no need to continue the meds.
We are getting much needed rain at the moment and there are currently no warnings for tornados. That is so unusual for our state, they usually go hand in hand.  DH is thinking about filing a claim with the govt if the rain washes away his crops.  He has been working so hard on his garden, would be a shame to lose it.
Mom and I are still working on scraps.  She is so far ahead of me with her pressing, I think I am going to have to hide her iron until I get caught up with my cutting.  I got my daughter's quilt loaded on the machine yesterday and will start working on it soon.  I will move Mom to the shop to start sewing while I work on it.

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