Monday, June 13, 2011

25th Anniversary

Yesterday, DH and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  We are not much on big shindigs, much to our children's dismay, so we enjoyed Chinese food with our immediate family and spent a very relaxing day at home.  I took a nap, which I rarely do, and was enjoying it until the dogs began to bark.  One barks to sound the alarm and the remainder of the pack are off to help.  This particular bark, from our precious Abby, is very shrill and makes it's way to the bad part of the brain.  When she barks this way, it means "I need help and I need it right now".  Well, Mister Frog from King Manor had made an appearance in the afternoon, normally it is after dark before he shows up.  I look out to see Abby and Lucy batting this poor frog back and forth between them like they were playing ping pong.  I watch Lucy pick him up by the leg and give him a fling and when he lands Abby will hold him down with her nose.  I call the dogs in the house in hopes that the frog will find his way back home.  He went somewhere because the "girls" could not find him when they went back out.
Today, I will do some rearranging in Mom's room so I can get her back to her sewing.  She keeps hinting about it, but I just have not taken the time to get it done yet.  I made some copies of patterns for my Bobbin Lace, so hopefully I will get to do that before I forget how.  I may need to call my friends for help, good thing I have them on speed dial.

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