Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Step One

I met with the contractor today and was instructed to go (I chose Lowes) to pick paint colors and a new gas stove.  I realize that there are a million things for them to do first and this will be way down the list, but at least I feel like they are beginning to do something to the house.  We have discussed ceiling fans, canned lights, windows, brick, siding and the roof, but no moves have been made to replace or rebuild the wall on the south side of the house so they can rebuild the roof.  That has to be done before anything can be done on the inside.  We will not have the gable on the garage, the one that was there is now "Gone with the Wind".  DH had the "tree people" come today to remove our two beautiful pine trees from the front yard.  They have survived 25 years, numerous neighborhood boys (jumping over them when they were first planted) and two ice storms, but the Big Wind has brought them to their knees, so to speak.  There is just too much damage to save them this time.  I think I might replace them with a Bradford Pear or something like that.

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