Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing Quarters

We have had the area ready for a few days now, however, it seems that I am unable to find time to sit and sew.  Today it happened.  I worked on the quilt that I was working on the day of the tornado.  I have added the inner border and have the outer piano key border ready to press and measure to sew on the quilt then it will be complete with the exception of the quilting.  I have no idea when the quilting will take place as I now have a boat, a beat up golf cart and tons of other items in my shop and no power to run the machine.  It was fun to sit and listen to the purr of the machine today, like music to my ears.  I have missed sewing.  I had a time when nothing I used to do was any fun anymore then as I slowly began to get back into my hobby...Kaboom, the tornado hit.  Things are slowly beginning to come back together, very slowly.  Anyway, wanted to post pics of my temporary sewing quarters.  Thanks to daughter for making room for me to sew.  Mom has her machine in her room and has been sewing almost since we moved in here.


  1. Sew your heart out. Good on Tami for giving you some space. As us quilters know our hobby is our therapy. It gives you time to a "me time". I am happy to hear "Mama" is sewing too.