Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011

My day began with taking the Schnauzers to the groomer.  We decided to give them summer cuts, keep the Schnauzer face but do away with the skirt and furnishings, besides, Abby looks like her sock has fallen down on one leg since they shaved a portion of her leg at the vet for IV.  They just get too hot with all that hair.  It will take us a little while to get used to the new look, and if we don't like it, heck, it is hair and it will grow back.
Went by the house while I was in that area and DH was way out back working on digging up tree stumps so he could get a fence row ready for our new fence.  He said he came upon a GREAT BIG SNAKE wrapped around a tree stump.  Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike snakes, they just send cold chills all over me, make my insides shiver and I can not get away from them fast enough.  I'm just glad it was not me finding the thing.
DH also said they were suppose to deliver our shingles today, he was not sure where they were going to put them since our yard seems to be full of all kinds of BIG containers for storage and trash and a 16' trailer loaded with wood for decking the roof.  It still looks like they are days away from being ready to roof the house.  But I guess once it is roofed the inside work will begin.
Mom is doing well.  She works on her quilt at times, then she will repair the dogs toys that have been sent to the dog toy hospital.  The dogs are really excited when they get a toy from the hospital, they think it is something new.  I brought one in from outside this morning that had a leg missing and Mom said that she had just repaired that one yesterday.  I am really proud of how well she is doing.  She seems to be getting more confidence every day.  She is washing dishes, making her bed, and getting her breakfast in the mornings.  She is still on the heart monitor, not sure how many more days of her 21 days that she has left.  Her heart rate still drops into the 40s at times, and I am not sure if it is a heart problem, or just her meds that need readjusting again.  We will see what the Doc thinks at her next appt in July.
I NEED to sew something, but can't find time or space to do so.  I have one quilt that I was working on before the Big Wind and my challenge for the Renegade retreat needs to be started.  It probably would help if I had an idea of what to do for the challenge.  Oh well, maybe next week I will set up a spot somewhere.   I did Bobbin Lace yesterday, but it does not look right, so I have not yet put the starch on it.  I need a refresher course on Bobbin Lace.

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