Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools Day plus

This was no day for joking, this was the day Mom had been waiting for, the day of the "jail break" so to speak, the day of freedom.  We arrived at the nursing facility about 10am and Mom had the remainder of her things packed (we had taken most of the things home the day before) and she was resting in her bed on top of the covers.  We had to wait for the mediation nurse to finish giving the other residents their medications before she could package Mom's "to go" meds.  One by one the staff would come by, say their goodbyes and give hugs and well wishes.  My DH took the remainder of her things to the car and then drove to the front door.  I rolled Mom to the front door and parked her there while I stepped around to say goodbye to a very sweet lady that I had become very fond of while Mom was there.  She was a "table mate" of Mom's, meaning they ate their meals together.  When Mom first arrived there, she shared a table with this lady, a man, and another lady who has since passed away.  Anyway, I got a little misty with my goodbye to her and I wished her well.  She has been in the facility for several years, knows most all of the residents and knows all the ropes.
We loaded Mom in the car and headed for home.  She walked into the house with the aid of her walker, I was so proud to see that happen.  Day one was just figuring out what would work and what would not work as far as her getting around the house.  I still want her to let me or DH be with her when she is getting up or walking around, because she is still a bit unsteady on her feet.  We (by we, I mean me with direction from Mom) rearranged my living room with her furniture from her living room to make it her home.  It looks very nice and I think she is very pleased with it.  Day two was spent at her old house moving things out.  She would tell us what she wanted to keep,  what needed to go to the trash, things she wanted certain folks to have and things for the garage sale.  Day three was spent rearranging things at my house to accommodate all those things we had brought home. 
This brings us up to date.  Believe it or not, this is the "short" version.  I will try to post every evening on the days events, more as a diary for myself and hopefully they will not be so "wordy".

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