Sunday, April 17, 2011

The baseball bat

While gathering the last of the things from my Mom's house I picked up the baseball bat that she had standing in the corner behind the front door.  My mind congered up this image of the Indiana Jones movie where the Knight was guarding the Holy Grail and he was so old and feeble that when he lifted his sword up over his head he stumbled backward.  I could just see Mom doing that with the baseball bat should she have encountered an intruder in her home.  Just made me giggle to myself.  There are very few items left at the house, most have been taken by family members and the rest are in our garage ready for the garage sale.  All in all I think Mom is doing better.  Yesterday was not a good day for her, her belly bothered her most of the day, but around 4:30-5:00 she came to the den and stayed up til about 7:30.  She finished reading her book and was happy about that.  By the way, I found a total of 3 baseball bats in her house, can we call it her arsenal?

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