Monday, April 11, 2011

Today has been a very good day, Mom had her PT early and appt with Dr M this afternoon and she did very well with both.  We spoke about reducing some of her meds and will give that a go and see how she does.  She has never been diabetic but yet she is on medication for diabetes, so we will stop those pills and monitor her blood sugar.  Will use the allpurinol every other day and only use the remeron as needed for sleep.  That is a really big step to getting her meds reduced.
Mom and I talked about getting the fabric ready to cut so we can begin strip piecing this beautiful quilt that one of my friends shared her pattern for.  I can hardly wait til she is able to start sewing again.  I have this pumpkin quilt that still needs to have the binding sewn, and all this fabric that needs to be pressed.

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