Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Whistle

There is nothing quite like being awakened at 0428 by three toots on a whistle.  We attached a whistle to the walker in case of emergency and Mama knows how to use it.  She somehow managed to find the floor this morning, so far, I think all that was hurt was her pride.  She did tell me she hit her head, no blood, but there may be a bruise.  She fell yesterday also.  She was working on getting her makeup stuff sorted out and was at the kitchen table, I was out the front door working in the flower bed.  I finally got the mimosa stump out of the ground and came in to get a drink, Mama had packed all her things she had been working on and was not in the kitchen or in the den.  I heard this faint call out and went to her room to find her on the floor.  I said "Whatcha doing down there?"  We managed to get her turned around and on her knees and were able to get her up so she could sit on the bed.  Clothes had to be changed in both cases as she had been in the process of using the bedside commode when both falls happened.  Not sure if she lost her balance on the way up or down, but both times we had pee to clean up.  I am thinking a carpet steam cleaner should be put at the top of my shopping list.  To say the least, I am wide awake a this point and will be going to make coffee shortly.

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