Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paducah, day 2

We slept in today, all the way to 7am.  I finally had a good nights sleep last night.  Thanks to Vickie, I did not sleep well in Poplar Bluff, MO because she was looking all over her bed for bedbugs, so of course, I felt them crawling on me all night.  So with the help of Laura's Wine Tea and a good ole Tylenol PM, I slept through a big storm and power outage last night.  We are currently in a Tornado Watch here in Marshall county.  Gary England they are not, but they are taking up the prime time tv just as the OKC folks do.
We finally met up with the other four from our quilt guild this morning at Hancocks of Paducah.  We were really worried about them because Poplar Bluff was being evacuated because of floods and they were to drive through that town on the way to Sikesville where they were going to stay the night.  Tina said they were re-routed north of Poplar Bluff and then back down to Sikesville, but they did not call to let us know that they were OK.
We shopped at Hancocks then went to the Rotary Club Quilt Show and they had antique quilts on display.  After that, we went to the Eleanor Burns Tents again and ate our lunch in the park before shopping.  While we were eating lunch DH called to say they had taken Mom to the ER.  She had told her PT that her face and right arm felt a little numb and her right leg was not wanting to hold her up.  They did a CT scan and did not find anything and were going to do a MRI and monitor her probably overnight.  I told DH to get her out of there as soon as possible before something else happened.  He said he would.  I spoke with him about 3pm and he said he had no news, so I will call about 7 to see what has transpired today.
Carol prepared a very nice meal tonight and we are sipping our evening Wine Tea and playing on the computer.  Hope I sleep good again tonight.

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