Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whirlwind Day

The day began with a 10:20 appointment with my neurosurgeon.  Results of my one year post-op MRI showed NO sign of recurrence of tumor.  The void left after removal of the tumor has filled in nicely with fluid (maybe that is why I can be wishy washy at times) and there are no signs of any new tumors anywhere. All I can say is Thank You, God, you are awesome in you healing powers. I will have my next MRI in 2 years, follow up PRN if any problems.  After lunch I took Mom to the Medical facility where she had her urinalysis done on the 7th for her follow-up UA after completing her antibiotics.  This is where the whirlwind began.  We checked in and they took her vital signs, as is their policy.  We went to the restroom where the nurse has placed the "nun's cap" on the toilet, Mom peed and missed the nun's cap, so there was no sample.  She tried again and got maybe 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon worth.  There was enough for them to dip the stick and know something was still going on, but not enough for a C/S.  We went to the exam room and the PA came in only to tell us that Mom's blood pressure was low and her heart rate was 45 and that they were not equipped to handle emergency problems like this and we should go to the ER.  I told her I did not want to go to the ER could she call Dr. A (Mom's cardiologist) to see if she could be seen, she did but he was not in clinic, so she suggested that we go to the Heart Hospital ER.  She sent us with papers to help us with information they would need.  It was like a beehive with all the folks scurrying around doing important things, IV, EKG, Blood, Chest X-ray, hooked up to monitors, etc.  We answered questions and the doctor finally came in and we answered more questions.  He did an exam and said he would go out and pull up her chart from Dr. A and be back shortly.  He spoke with Dr. A and they decided that they would make no changes in the meds at this time.  We are to monitor her BP before we give meds and if it is below 100 we are to hold her medication at that time and to monitor her pulse.  We are to keep a record of the readings and follow up with Dr A on May 17.  They said there were no problems with her heart that all looked very good.  Tears of joy and thanks to God and we were out of there.  I called the Medical facility to let them know what we were told and let them know that I would bring Mom in the next day to get the sample for the UA.  I was told that the same thing (as in the BP & HR) would probably happen again and that I should probably see her primary card doctor instead.  I said I didn't want to do that and I would bring her in tomorrow.  Well, about 15 minutes later she, the nurse, called me back to tell me that she had scheduled an appt with Dr. M for Tuesday @ 3:45 and I told her I wished she hadn't done that and that I would call and cancel the appt that Mom already had an appt with her PT at that time.  I called and there was no appt so I said OK and we went on to the facility to give the specimen instead of waiting.  There is something going on in the urine so we were given another Rx for antibiotics and I will call to schedule an appt with Dr. B.M. for when I return from my trip.  What a day it was just to collect a bit of Pee.  I have 5 days to get all my things gathered and packed for my trip to Paducah.  I had such a good time in 2008 when I went before and I am sure this trip will be just as much fun.

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